About Me

I'm 35, have been married to Andy since 1998, and have a daughter, Quinn, who was born in October of 2001.

We live in a house in McHenry, a Chicago suburb.

We have a dog, Baxter, who has a habit of farting, then hurrying into another room.

I come from a big, close-knit (read: nosey) family.

I have worked as a nursing home activity director, a teacher, a writer for a trade magazine. I did contract work for a software company, selecting educational web sites for school libraries. I am lucky enough to be teaching part-time again at a school I love with students I love and coworkers I love. My main job, though, is to take care of Quinn. When she's not busting a move at her Montessori school, that is.

About This Journal

I've had this journal for seven years.

I stole the title of my journal from my mom, who once had a newspaper column by the same name. It was funny stuff.

These Are the People In My Neighborhood

Andy is my husband of almost seven years. From all over this great land of ours, he comes in peace to play computer games and read trade rags he Dumpster dives for at the Post Office. Probably the smartest person I know...and the sweetest.

My mom lives in the same town we do. This has never been anything but good. She'll make you dinner if you ask her nicely.

When I was little, I would stand outside the bathroom door and knock if my mom took longer than 30 seconds to emerge. "What are you doing in there?!" I'd call over and over. Finally, she'd get fed up.

"Mo-om! What are you doing in there?!"

"I'm frying pork chops for a Jewish wedding!" I didn't understand what this meant, and I didn't ask. I just went away.

Another delightful habit I had when I was younger was badgering my dad. "Where's mom? Where's mom? WHERE'S MOM?" When he'd had enough, he'd reply, "She broke her leg, we had to shoot her." Each time I'd repeat my question, he'd say it louder and more dramatically.

"She BROKE HER LEG, we had to shoot her."



My dad passed away in 2004.

I Have Two Sisters

Julie and Denny have three fine children: Timmy (He's 25 and still giggles), Danny (he's a budding actor, and together we enjoy extremely bad TV), and Maureen (a junior in college and my mini-me).

Peggy and Jerry have a dog, Rosie, and a well-tended garden. When we're on the phone and the conversation gets heated, one of us will yell, "DON'T YOU TURN ON ME!" all defensive-like.

I Have Three Brothers

Ed and Pam moved to California in a fit of independence, taking with them Edward (college student and budding lawyer) and Kaitlin (who is a freshman in college and endorses any and all of Mary-Kate and Ashley's offerings).

Kevin tells a good story and likes chocolate milk.

Dennis is my twin...well...maybe if there were't nine years separating us. His prom date went blind; ask him about it.